Secret Agent (Alfred Hitchcock Collection) DVD-Englisch


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Secret Agent (Alfred Hitchcock Collection) DVD-Englisch

Entstehung, Genre, Laufzeit: 1936 ‧ Thriller/Agentenfilm . 86 Minuten

British intelligence fakes the death of Edgar Brodie (John Gielgud) to send him on a mission in Switzerland, where as Richard Ashendon he is to locate and kill a Germany spy. Accompanying Brodie are fellow agents Elsa Carrington (Madeleine Carroll), who is to play Brodie’s wife, and an eccentric assassin known as The General (Peter Lorre). Locating the spy on a train, Brodie and Elsa have second thoughts about their mission just as an American (Robert Young) ingratiates himself with them.

Sprache: Englisch
Untertitel: Keine Angabe
FSK: 12

Regie: Alfred Hitchcock
Mit: Peter Lorre, Maeleine Carroll, John Gielgud, Robert Young

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